East End in the News

Student journalists from VCU's Capital News Service wrote a story about our work and others', and the Associated Press ran with it! Now you can read about East End in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Post, and U.S. News & World Report, to name a few. There's video too — check it out here.

MLK Day 2018

More than 100 volunteers came together at East End last Monday to honor Dr. King's life and legacy. We filled the dumpster well past the brim, uncovered a number of grave markers, and made headway in some of the most heavily overgrown sections of the cemetery. We even made the nightly news — check out … Continue reading MLK Day 2018

Come One, Come All!

We hope you'll join us on Tuesday, June 27, at the Robinson Theater for an update on the restoration effort—past, present, and future—at East End Cemetery. We'll share the latest facts and figures, show a selection of photographs, and encourage a community-wide conversation. Come with questions and suggestions! Light refreshments will be served. For more … Continue reading Come One, Come All!

East End and Evergreen in the New York Times

This weekend the New York Times ran Brian's opinion piece on HB1547, a bill before the Virginia Legislature to provide annual funding for the care of historic African American cemeteries. The legislation will almost certainly meet resistance in the General Assembly, which opens January 17. Lawmakers will need encouragement from concerned citizens to pass the bill. We're asking … Continue reading East End and Evergreen in the New York Times