A New Headstone for Dr. Tancil

Many of you might remember that a headstone went missing from East End last summer. It belonged to Dr. Richard F. Tancil, a remarkable man who was born into slavery circa 1852, went on to earn his MD at Howard University, and set up a medical practice in Richmond’s Church Hill neighborhood, where he also founded a bank. According to his great-granddaughter-in-law, the family archivist, he was beloved by his wife, children, and grandchildren, who remembered him as funny, generous, and kind.

Now, thanks to supporters near and far, we will be dedicating a new marker for Dr. Tancil at noon on Saturday, October 22. We hope you’ll join us!


This Week on Instagram


Smithsonian magazine has handed over its Instagram account to Brian this week. He’ll be posting photographs of East End, Evergreen, and more through Friday. The images document historic yet abandoned Richmond-area cemeteries, the communities they once served, and the contemporary community that is evolving around the restoration of these places. Taken as a whole, they explore how certain aspects of our past have been diminished, discarded, and almost erased while others have been venerated, even fetishized. Keep an eye out!

It’s Official


We are excited to show off our brand-new logo, created by the wonderfully talented Leslie Steiger, a print and digital designer in New York with whom Erin was lucky enough to work several years back. For inspiration, we sent her images of the motifs and typefaces found on headstones in the cemetery and asked her to try to capture East End’s historic nature and its essential woodsiness. We are thrilled with the results!